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Rushie - Garry Rush a Motor Racing Life

Rushie - Garry Rush a Motor Racing Life

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The time has come to place your order for the most anticipated motor sport book since 'Ghosts In The Bull Pens' - 'Rushie - Garry Rush, A Motor Racing Life' is now available.

'Rushie - Garry Rush A Motor Racing Life' is a stunning 300-page hard-bound book that showcases Garry's racing life and moments that have led him to becoming an immortal of Australian Motor Sport; and 'Rushie' sits comfortably today right alongside Peter Brock, Alan Moffatt, Kevin Bartlett, Jack Brabham, Alan Jones, Dick Johnson and Mark Webber et al.

'Rushie' also tells the story of a tough life as a child, meeting his wife Kaye, the world of business, and being a father. Of course, his motor racing exploits are well covered in stunning images sourced from Full Throttle Publishing's enormous motor racing archive. There are also memories from those who have been a part of his racing and personal life to compliment the great man's own words.

'Rushie - Garry Rush A Motor Racing Life' is a book that every fan of motor sport will want in their collection and on their coffee table.

Forewords are by F1 star Mark Webber and Tasmanian speedway sedan great, Chas Kelly.

Limited To 1500 Copies Only .

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