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Explore our exceptional collections, including titles like "Speedway Action," "Caged Heat - The Wild World of Sprintcar Racing," and more. Whether you're into Historical Speedway or Road Racing, we've got something special for you.

    Sprint car legend

    Danny Smith

    Caged Heat - The Wild World of Sprint Car Racing I just wanted to say thanks to Tony Loxley and Andrew Green for producing the best sprint car book I've ever seen - "Caged Heat - The Wild World of Sprint Car Racing". The book, all 548 pages of it, along with 1500+ amazing photos, has photos of all my heroes from the last 15 years... Forewords were written by my good mates Tony Stewart, Garry Rush, Peter Murphy and Thomas Schmeh. Mike OLeary has written a fabulous story on the history of the sport with some fantastic images to go along with it. The book covers all sprint car racing from the US, Australia and New Zealand.  Hard to get any work done on my new car. Can't put Caged Heat down. You won't either. An absolute "must read" for see for any sprint car fan... Hey, even some photos of me!

    motorsport announcer / media

    Mike Raymond 

    Tasman Cup - Your publication is a great tribute to the Tasman era and those who were part of the TC years will embrace your work with gusto. Well done Tony, it’s a must for every motor sport fan’s coffee table

    Speedway Track Announcer / Media

    Steve Raymond

    Tony, I have always respected your devotion to Speedway. Also, your determination to engage only in exceptional product which will stand the test of time. What higher accolade than you captured beautifully the history of the Sydney Showground Royale ... a golden era that you personally never experienced. Tony Loxley, you remain one of our sports greatest assets.