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PRE ORDER - Hard - Rugby League in the '70s

PRE ORDER - Hard - Rugby League in the '70s

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Due for release 2024.

Step into the time machine and journey back to the gritty, uncompromising world of 1970s rugby league. This iconic era is hailed as one of the most rugged and demanding periods in the game's history, where unyielding men battled it out on the field for a full eighty minutes.

In those days, the players were as tough as the game itself. They weren't professional athletes; they were everyday men who put in a hard day's work before hitting the training ground three times a week. This unique blend of blue-collar dedication and unrelenting passion is a bygone era in modern sports.

"The 70s in Rugby League" is a riveting collaboration between Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs rugby league legend, Graeme Hughes, and authors Tony Loxley, Will Evans, and Tony Adams. This book is not just a recounting of the era; it's an immersive experience, transporting you to a time when rugby league was played at its hardest.

Through a wealth of player anecdotes, memories, and an extensive collection of images and memorabilia, this book captures the essence of 1970s rugby league. The stories are unfiltered, the battles on the field are unvarnished, and the camaraderie among players is unbreakable.

If you crave the raw intensity and unbridled passion of a bygone rugby league era, "The 70s in Rugby League" is your ticket to relive the glory, the toughness, and the true heart of the game as it was, back in the day. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of rugby league history.


Author: Graeme Hughes
Foreword: Peter Peters

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