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Gene Welch v Peter Crick - Grand National Sedan Poster

Gene Welch v Peter Crick - Grand National Sedan Poster

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Face to Face… USA 1 Corvette v #49 Monza Shark Grand Nationals.


Over one meter in length!

(1100 mm x 300mm or 110cm x 30cm)

They were two of the toughest sedan racers around, and Gene Welch, USA team Captain and local Sydney-based sedan great Peter Crick never gave an inch on the racetrack, despite best mates off it.

This superbly designed and illustrated poster, showing off the sleek lines of these powerful speedway sedans of the ‘seventies and early ‘eighties, would make the perfect gift for fans of Australian speedway sedan racing, or those who remember those great days at Liverpool Speedway, Tralee Speedway, or Tasmania’s Latrobe Speedway.

Master illustrator Tim Rugendyke has produced this lavish poster in association with Full Throttle Publishing and using long lasting inks and acid-free paper, this poster is sure to add colour to that ‘man cave’, lounge room or garage in your home.

Limited to 48 copies so get in FAST!

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