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25 Incredible Years of the NRL - Standard Edition

25 Incredible Years of the NRL - Standard Edition

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INCLUDES - Two sided,  Penrith Panthers NRL 2023 Grand Final Three-peat cards with every purchase (as pictured).

There is no better way to remember and reflect on the first momentous quarter-century of the NRL than with Full Throttle Publishing’s 25 Incredible Years of the NRL.

Written by Will Evans and co-authored by Tony Adams, with contributions from Nick Tedeschi, this 436-page, large format, hard-bound book details the remarkable rise of Australian Rugby League from the ashes of the Super League War and the uncertainty around the fledgling new competition through to the remarkable 2022 season where the game has never been in a stronger position.

Covering the trials and the triumphs, the controversies and the celebrations, the scandals and the sublime, the indelible moments and the enduring memories, 25 Incredible Years of the NRL is a comprehensive capturing of the game many call the greatest of all in a period that has been incredibly important in shaping the landscape of Australian sport.

Every year is covered in great depth with a huge array of images to bring to life each of the 25 stunning seasons. Not only are the Origins and the Grand Finals reflected on but so are the advertising campaigns and the sad passings of those in the Rugby League family and the records that were broken and achievements that were reached.

All the clubs are covered, bringing to life their journeys, their highs and their lows, their stars and their champions and the moments that defined them. A greatest team for each club has also been added along with all the stats, figures and records for each club. Even long gone clubs like the Adelaide Rams and Hunter Mariners are included.

A panel of experts were also brought together to determine the 25 greatest players of the NRL Era, no easy task given the number of brilliant players who have gone into the heat of battle across the last quarter century. The sheer number of players receiving votes is a testament to the quality of the game.

It has been an amazing journey for the NRL since its inception in 1998 and 25 Incredible Years of the NRL is a stunning homage to the players, the games, the clubs, the characters and the fans that made it so.


Author/Editor: Will Evans
Co-author: Tony Adams
Editorial contributor: Nick Tedeschi
Art: Kathie Eastway
Publisher/Contributor: Tony Loxley

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