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Warwick Brown On Board with New Tome “Ground Shakers”

Warwick Brown On Board with New Tome “Ground Shakers”

Former Tasman Series Champion talks about F5000

By Full Throttle Publishing Media
Warwick Brown F5000He was one of the best of his generation, and now ‘seventies F5000 superstar Warwick Brown is revered as one of the leading spokesmen for F5000 racing around the world. Brown is also a huge fan of the new generation Formula 5000 category which former publisher Chris Lamben and Supercars are developing for the local market, and believes this is sure to be a big success.
Having said that, the former Tasman Series Champion has also been a big supporter of Full Throttle Publishing’s tomes relating to the world of F5000 racing, and with the launch of the upcoming ‘Ground Shakers – The World of F5000 Racing 1968-1982’ – the last of the open wheel trilogy by publisher/author Tony Loxley and Andrew Green – he is again lending his support to a subject that he holds dear to his heart.
Ground Shakers covers not only the Australian and New Zealand F5000 scene, but the entire world of F5000 racing including Europe, the UK, the USA and South Africa; in fact, any country that ran F5000 will be covered on this occasion.
“I haven’t come across anything today that can match the F5000 machine for spectacle and excitement,” Brown enthused this morning. “There is nothing like them in world motorsport, even today. These cars had real grunt and torque; they were incredibly fast and back in the day, seriously dangerous -and I know… I have the scars to prove it!”
Warwick-Brown-Crash-F5000-Full-ThrottleBrown, of course, is eluding to his horrific 1973 Tasman Series crash at the much lamented Surfers Paradise Raceway in which he and his Lola T300 left the circuit at maximum speed at the end of the main straight (which doubled as a drag strip in those days!); the end result was two seriously broken legs, internal injuries, and a car that looked like it has been minced in scrap metal yard.
“I was lucky, so were guys such as Kevin Bartlett, Greame Lawrence, Alan Hamilton and a host of others around the world who suffered the same fate – we call it the ‘Lola Limp’, but it was part of racing back then, and we accepted it for what it was. But I tell you what, those cars were such a buzz to drive I’d do it all again…”
Brown, whilst always a little uncomfortable about that Surfers Paradise moment, quickly forgets the past when reflecting on Full Throttle Publishing’s previous volumes on F5000 racing, namely ‘F5000 Thunder‘ and ‘Tasman Cup‘, and is keen to assist the Full Throttle Publishing duo again with ‘Ground Shakers’.
“I just don’t know how he (Tony Loxley) did it, but those books captured the essence of F5000 and Tasman Cup racing, and both volumes take pride of place on my coffee table,” Brown stated.
“In fact my wife was going to divorce me due to the fact that once I sat down and put my head down to go through the books, a full day had passed, and I was only half way through them! (laughs). She might still do it knowing there is a third book coming out – that might be the end!
Warwick-Brown-Full Throttle News“But seriously”, Brown continued, “I’m looking forward to working in with Tony and Andrew as there are so many wonderful images yet to be published, and ‘first person’ stories from those competitors and people who were a part of the F5000 scene from around the world. I know Bruce Allison, Greame Lawrence, Kevin Bartlett, and the entire F5000 world are looking forward to having another volume devoted to these open wheel monsters of the past, and what’s more, I believe these cars truly deserve these publications. For me, they were the ‘Titans of Road Racing’ for over decade, and deserve their place on our bookshelves.”
‘Ground Shakers’ is to be published in the near future by Full Throttle Publishing. For those interested in contacting the publishers regarding this upcoming publication, please email the author Tony Loxley at:'

Tony Loxley has edited and published 12 books on motor sport - both speedway and Road Racing - and continues to write and publish books along with his business partner, Andrew Green within Full Throttle Publishing. A former editor of Speedway Racing News (for 7 years), his love of motor sport goes back to the mid 'seventies and today, along with publishing, he continues to work full time in the New South Wales Police Force as a Senior Constable with 15 years service.

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