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Safety Comes First at Valvoline Raceway

Safety Comes First at Valvoline Raceway

Safety Comes First as the Greatest Show on Dirt is a “No Show” at Valvoline Raceway

The cancellation of USC Round Two at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway was nobody’s fault and the decision was made in the interest of safety.

Nobody can be blamed for that . . . or for what occurred because safety is paramount. Both Valvoline Raceway management and race association officials were faced with a very difficult set of circumstances never previously encountered. A part of the circuit entering turn three was too soft and wet to provide a suitably safe racing surface.

Valvoline management immediately made the correct decision, not only in the interest of driver safety, but also to offer a gate entry refund or for fans to choose to retain their admission ticket for use at a future race meeting (with the exception of January 6/7, 2018.)

The Valvoline Raceway management are to be highly commended for the manner in which they handled a potentially difficult situation surrounding the cancellation. Race fans were appreciative and fully understanding of the circumstances.

In addition, subscribers who had paid for the coverage can contact to be refunded or credited for the next event.

The situation arose only because the Valvoline Management are doing their absolute best to ensure a race surface is up to the required standards, suitable for the racing enjoyment of fans and provides perfect racing conditions for all divisions.

So let’s not dwell on the cancellation of the October 14 show . . . forget this ever happened, look on the positive toward the future and some of the great shows planned for the season at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway.

Dennis Newlyn Safety Comes First at Valvoline Raceway

Dennis Newlyn is acknowledged as Australia's leading oval track journalist with a career spanning over 50 years. Dennis has edited countless magazine and news pieces over the years, and was the co-author of the well received internationally, 'The Bob Tattersall Story'. Today Dennis has continued to provide coverage of speedway racing via his association with Lismore Speedway, the Daily Telegraph, and various publications Australia-wide, including media reports via electronic medium. Full Throttle Publishing is proud to be associated with Dennis Newlyn.

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